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Glassy is a clear coconut scented lipgloss that fades into a clear finish and it applies clear with a silk finish. Glassy is anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti inflammatory - keeping you and your lips out of harms way.


Classy has many benefits with it what most lipglosses don't have. It has vitamin - E, heals wounds on your lips its moisturizing and doesn't dry quick it also does not leaves your lips dry! 


My lipglosses are not sticky and Glassy is the perfect example of it.             

You can use Glassy as a topcoat on top of your lipstick for a shiny, soft finish.


Scented: Coconut

Capacity: 10ML

Easy to use and it fits in anywhere

  • Allergy information

    Ingredients: Our glosses are formulated with vitamin-E, Provitamine B5, castor, coconut, jojoba, grapeseed oil. Cosmetic glitters and mica.

    Benefits Vitamin-E/Provitamin B5: heals wounds, moisture-retaining, Anti-inflammatory, suitable for dry, brittle lips.

     - do not apply gloss if you are allergic to any of the above in bold. If unsure, smear a small amount of product onto arm and wait 5 minutes. If the area you applied product to becomes red and/or irritable, remove immediately with warm water. If after 5 minutes the area the gloss was applied to has not become red, irritable or an allergic reaction seems to have taken place, then the product is safe to apply onto your lips.

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